Gaming without limits

Join us and our hundreds of members across the globe for an unforgettable gaming and community experience.

Our 11 years of community leadership experience allows you to focus on having fun without being inconvenienced by trolls or toxicity.

Complete your gaming experience

Our community's technology framework allows you to always be connected to your friends wherever you go.

No matter the devices you use

Our cross-platform website, communication application, and wide game presense means you'll always have a community nearby.

Backed by the private & public cloud

Our technology stack is based on a wide range of cloud services so we aren't plagued by the hosting woes of other amateur gaming communities.

Meet new people around the world

Our global presence brings people from around the world together with the common love of gaming and community.

Design and tailor your own experience

We have many sub-communities including Milsims, competitive teams, media production teams, streamers, and coding/development teams that are always looking for more members and top talent.

Our community platform

Secure platform

We only use communication tools that are encrypted and secured and nobody is ever required to give out personally identifying information to be a member or staff.

Homogeneous experience

We are driven to building a management platform that brings the same user experience with all the same great features no matter the device you use.

Play from around the world

We have players from across the globe so you'll never have to worry about not having someone nearby to play with.

Design your gaming experience

Nobody will ever tell you what game to play, who to play with, or when to be online. Being part of Revelation Gaming means you are free to play however and whenever you want.