Who we are

Our Beginnings

Revelation Gaming was started back in 2013 as a spin off from another community, Rebels Underground (rU) back in the Battlefield 3 era. Under the new name Revelation Gaming, we expanded into much more than a single franchise, taking over the gaming scene in Battlefield 4, Overwatch, CoD Modern Warefare, and many other titles. In 2019 Revelation Gaming became a sub-brand of Revelation Technologies, LLC joining together many community and business operations around gaming and our premium technology platform.

Our Mission

Our mission with Revelation Gaming is to create the most wholistic approach to gaming possible. Bringing in content creation, community engagement, a premium technology platform, great leadership, and an even greater playerbase to set the bar for gaming communities.

Our Platform

We want to inspire our members to not just be gaming and media consumers, but to be creators and entrepeneurs of content creation and community engagement. We have a family of streamers in our community that build content around anything from gaming to firearms training and safety to computer science technologies and tutoring. We strive to have the widest array of content and community base for anyone to want to call home.

Our Leadership

Our leadership model is very hands off, letting the community moderate itself and organically grow without unnecessary intervention. We believe the community image should be shaped around the true experiences and desires of the membership body. We have community leaders that set up special events for the community, community moderators that keep bad actors out, and technology leaders that are continuously innovating to bring members special benefits, like free game server hosting.

Our Games

Our community can be found playing games of about any genre. Triple-A shooters like CoD Modern Warfare 2, Battlefield, and Overwatch 2. MMORPGs like Runescape and WoW, and even simulators like Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. If you have a game you would love to play with many other passionate gamers, you can be rest assured that our community has members that would love to play along with you on your favorite title.